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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Dinner proposal for Sunday 11 of Feb

Barley....that's terrific sounding this week.

Ooh look. One Dish Vegetarian has a great barley, spinach & peas dish. I like using this book for dishes that have some heft. It's full of casseroles and such, but also use veggies in non-boring ways.

Let's find something with more veggies to complement this. A vegan cookbook we got for xmas will very likely have more than a "normal" share of veggies in it.

Green beans with sundried tomatoes/olive sauce! Nice and veggiful, yet not bland (important, as barley dishes rarely are called....overflavored).

As both are what I'd call "filling", two dishes will probably be enough this week. Perhaps this will free up time for a cookie or something to be baked.


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