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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hot Hot Hashbrowns, Scrambled Eggs and Veggy Sausage

Today we're serving breakfast at dinner, serving hashbrowns, scrambled eggs with cheese, veggy sausage links, and french toast.

We cook all the french toast per Alton Brown's method. We don't immediately cook the toast in the oven, instead waiting until right before dinner.

We're going to serve the french toast with Boysenberry jam and powdered sugar.

The sausage links have been covered before on this blog and are popular with meat eating and non-meat eating folk alike.

We're going to make the eggs in the electric fryer. This doesn't mean we're frying them, we're just using it because it is a nice, temperature controlled device that just happens to be nonstick (a must-have for egg dishes). We will put 1.5 eggs per person in here (right before dinner, rounding up) and stir in a tablespoon of milk (or leftover half and half) per person. I make this sound much more exact then it is in actuality, where I just pour some in. :o). First off, you turn the fryer on to 200 or so. You put the eggs in and let them start to cook onto the pan. Then you use a spatula to stir them off. As the eggs cook, they will solidify in the pan. Continue to stir intermittently. When the eggs look just a little saucey, take them off (they will continue to solidify and dry out after coming off the heat).

For the hashbrowns, we'll cook them in another pan. We're going to put some peppers from the "Chiles with Adobo Sauce" cans you see in the store to give the potatoes a little heat. Chopping up the peppers into little strips, we'll stir them in with the hashbrowns before cooking, letting them brown with the potatoes.


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